Mentoring Calls

Higher-Ed Web Project Managers often feel lonely and isolated. Many complain that they do not know other Web project managers to turn to for advice. Web team members working for universities that lack any methodology (Agile by the way definitely does count as a methodology,)  know their team is struggling but aren’t sure how to approach their superiors for help. Tonya Price Consulting offers mentoring calls to provide the type of professional support so many Higher-Ed Web Project Managers seek.

Mentoring calls are one hour sessions that focus on topics you choose. Whether you just want to run an idea by an experienced Web Project Manager or you are struggling with a difficult team situation or a client who is constantly changing their mind about the project goals, Tonya Price Consulting can help.

Individualized or Team Mentoring

Are you having trouble keeping track of your project tasks? Are your team’s task estimates always off? Do you find your team is making the same mistakes every project? Whether it is career advice, training questions or strategy questions, Tonya can help you  and/or your Web team. Just $125/hour/person, schedule your Mentoring call today.

Free Monthly Mentoring Calls

Every Friday at 1PM EST  Tonya will host a free group mentoring session. This is the chance ask your Web Project Management questions, but remember, this is an open group session so this is not the place to share company confidential information. If you would like to join the next session Email Tonya to receive the number to call.

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