Web Project Management Training Classes (iStockphoto)
Web Project Management Training Classes (iStockphoto)


2018 Schedule:

Web Project Management Essentials

Next class – To be Announced

This course was designed for agency and independent design firm Web Project Managers. It is also a combination of readings and lectures. This course provides checklists for the student to use after completing the course. The class examines traditional (sequential) Web Project Management process, Agile methodology and customized approaches utilizing a stage process with SCRUM techniques.

Customized Project Management Training

Tonya has created customized training classes to provide tailored training to new Project Managers and for online vendors’ user group. If you have specialized project management training needs contact Tonya to discuss how she can help your project management team succeed.


 Customized Workshops can be set up to address specific skills or to help resolve issues facing your project management team. These can be conducted in person or on-line. Contact Tonya to discuss your Workshop needs.

Mentoring Calls – Now provided free of charge

Use Contact Form to request an online mentoring call.

At the Digital Project Management Summit in Philadelphia, PA a few years ago the question of where to find a mentor came up repeatedly. One speaker said, “Don’t look for a mentor at your company. Don’t ask your boss for advice. Don’t ask you team for advice.” So where do you find a mentor?

Tonya Price Consulting decided it is the responsibility of experienced Project Managers to step up and provide guidance to other younger Project Managers. For this reason Tonya will be offering free Mentoring calls for Project Managers who are either new to the position or encountering new situations, such as in-house Project Managers who are asked to do their first major redesign project. The content of the call is structured to meet the needs of the Project Manager and conducted through online or on the phone. Contact Tonya directly if you are interested in learning more about mentoring calls.

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