EduWeb Boston Presentation, “Don’t Lose Sleep Over the Outsourcing Dilemma”

Tuesday, July 30th: 8 – 9 am — Imperial & Plaza Ballrooms (tentative schedule)

Presented by Tonya Price, Tonya Price Consulting, LLC — @tdprice, #outsourcingdilemma, #eduweb

This will be an interactive discussion exploring when it makes sense to work with contractors or consultants, what to expect when working with them, how to spot a bad consultant and strategies for building a strong relationship. If you need to hire a consultant or are having problems with a consultant you are already working with, you will want to attend this discussion.

Topic Description: “Don’t Lose Sleep Over the Outsourcing Dilemma

Managers are under increasing pressure to do more with fewer staff. Websites need to have a constant stream of fresh content optimized for SEO. Social media has exploded, with the expectation of quick response. Positions that didn’t exist before are now in demand – content manager, analytic analyst, social media coordinator – positions that didn’t exist a few years ago. Staff are juggling multiple duties just as higher-ed salaries and personnel expenditures are criticized for being “bloated.” Many are turning to consultants and contractors to help out, but when is hiring outside help a good idea and when are you better off using your own team? Three examples of outsourcing situations will be examined: 1) How a college Web team outsourced sub-projects to launch a delayed project on time; 2) How to use social media consultants wisely and 3) How to spot the destructive consultant. By the end of the session the audience will learn when to use outside help, how to choose an outside consultant and the three things all consultants wish managers knew about working with outside contractors.

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