5 Ways Writing a Book Builds Your Consulting Business

A common way launch a consulting business is to write a book. The approach makes perfect sense. When you tell people you have written a book or when they go to your website and see you are a published author, they automatically assume you must know what you are talking about. You are perceived as an expert and let’s face it, you have accomplished a lot more than most of your competition researching, writing and publishing your manuscript.

If you struggle to write, then this approach might not work for you but most consultants are very good writers. Here are 5 ways writing a book can pay big dividends for growing your revenue and client base.

  1. A book is an impressive leave behind information resource. A book is a great gift to leave with a client and is much more impressive than a white paper or marketing materials. Your clients may be too busy to read the entire book (tip – keep the length to around 20-25,000 words), but they will recognize you are serious about your area of knowledge.
  2. Use your book as a valuable give away. Use the book as an incentive to attend an information session on a topic that relates to your expertise. People love to get free things and a book signed buy the author always impresses people. It helps to write a personalized message too!
  3. Author get more speaking and webinar invitations. You will find speaking opportunities increase when you are a published author and because you have taken the time to write the book you will have plenty of material to draw on when you put together your talk. You can even develop this as an independent revenue stream for your business.
  4. Use the book as required reading for online courses. Offering online courses is a natural extension of a consulting business. Writing the book first allows you to pull together the material you need for a course. Some people read books but others prefer to listen to online video classes. Creating an online class using a service like Teachable, just allows you to add a revenue stream (often a passive revenue stream) to your business plus sell more of your books.
  5. Reading material for Workshops. While many people like stand alone online courses, you can make a lot more money offering 3 or 5 day workshops. Here you can work with a smaller group not just educating people on the topic of your book but helping them implementing a strategy for their organization. Often, the workshop will result in the client team asking you to oversee the implementation of the plan which of course, increases your consulting revenue.

Writing a book can provide you with additional revenue, credibility and expanded opportunities to build your business.

While the writing may not be intimidating to you, trying to find an agent, negotiate contracts, meeting traditional publisher deadlines and still having to do your own marketing might make it seem like the effort of learning all of this isn’t worth the time and money. You can get started right away with a bundle of 10 books about how to write and market your book. The bundle costs just $15 (on Amazon you would pay $64.40 for all 10 books.) This deal is a great way to start your library of how to write a book to benefit your consulting business. Go to http://www.storybundle.com/writing to order the bundle (you pay whatever you want above $15 – just move the slider to the amount you want to pay) but you need to act before June 16 when the bundle is over.5 ways to a book helps your consulting