Step Up From Web Manager to Leader

project_reviews_stockA good manager works hard to make the people who report to them successful understanding that if their staff are successful, the team will be successful. If the team is successful, you won’t have to worry about your career – you, as the manager will be successful too.

So what are the characteristics of a good manager?

  1. Make sure your team members know they can talk to you at any time and seek out their opinions. When they have great ideas give them credit when talking to upper management, clients or other departments.
  1. You face stress everyday. So do your staff. Good managers are aware of the symptoms of someone struggling to deal with stress and take actions to help their staff deal with the stress.
  1. Good managers are comfortable with assigning tasks at the appropriate level for each staff member. They know how to challenge staff to learn new tasks without overwhelming people.
  1. Good managers delegate tasks and then mentor team members by providing honest feedback without nagging or micromanaging people.
  1. Good managers mentor those who report to them and work to establish a level of trust with those who report to them so no one assumes those suggestions are criticism. They also never hoard information but

You can be a good manager though without being a leader. So what makes a good Manager a Leader?

A leader is a manager who goes the extra step to be proactive in making the team successful. So how can a manager do this?

  1. Advocate for your departments by reaching out to other departments to make sure they understand how your team can help them. To do this you need to build trust between departments. Leaders rise above petty department disputes and teach their teams to do the same.
  1. Work with your staff to develop a vision for your department. Take the time to work with your staff to identify future goals and guide the team to create strategies for achieving those goals.
  1. Leaders work to understand the goals of their staff. They take the time to understand the team member’s career goals and then look for ways that the current job can provide the opportunity for the employee to get the experience they need to move toward those career goals.
  1. A leader must have passion for what they are doing and have the ability to instill that passion in the people who work for them as well. It is easy to inspire people when things are going well, but in stressful times, when efforts are not producing the response that everyone want, when rumors are swirling through the organization, then it is hard to get people to see the potential rewards of their hard work.
  1. Leaders bring integrity and a high degree of honesty to their position and they let their teams know they will tolerate nothing less from their staff. Some staff will need to learn what is expected of them. Leaders will not tip toe around these hard lessons but work with staff to also act in an ethical manner. They will protect their team by recognizing when a team member is bullying or harassing other team members and not hesitate to fire those who threaten the success of the team.

Don’t be satisfied with being a good manager, as valuable as that is, but take the extra step through study and hard work to be a great leader as well. Your team deserves no less.project_reviews_stock