How to stay current with Web Project Management Technology

Staying current with Web Project Management tools, strategies and news can be time consuming and yet, in this Internet environment, it is a must if you are to remain relevant and contribute. Here is how I spend 15 minutes a day staying current:


1) Find a good news source of Web Project Management through ScoopIt. (Never used ScoopIt before? You can check out my ScoopIts for:

2) Join a Web Project Management LinkedIn Group. Here are the ones I follow:

  • Web Project Managers
  • Web Managers
  • Web Project Management 101 (a group I started where experienced PMs answer questions and provide insight to those new to Web PM)

3) Set an alert to notify you of a new online article, post or news about Web Project Management

4) Subscribe to your favorite Web Project Management blog

5) Read an online magazine:

  • Website Magazine
  • PMI Network
  • PMI Today

6) Attend a Project Management oriented chat once a week

Here is my 15 min schedule for keeping this under control:

Monday – Check ScoopIt favorites for the latest news

Tuesday: Check LinkedIn groups for posts

Wednesday: Check Twitter posts on Web Project Management

Thursday: Read most interesting article in one of the online magazines; each week pick a new magazine to read

Friday: Attend the noon EST US twitter chat at: #PMChat

Saturday: Go through all three magazines

Sunday: Take a break so I have renewed energy for next week!

What is your game plan for keeping current?

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