Extreme project management

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In a decade you will have sent a man to the moon and back again. This was John F. Kennedy’s mission impossible for NASA in the late 1950s. Nobody knew how. Everyone knew it had to succeed before the Russians reached the moon.

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This article presents some interesting points about "Extreme Project Management." Especially of interest is the caution regarding stakholder analysis and the reasons behind politics inserting itself into the project process. A good read that will get you thinking.

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  1. » PM Templates and Checklists at State of Texas (with good Risk Factors lists) » Excellent collection of PM and Software Development documents, templates and checklists (.doc/.mpp files) at Department of Energy (DOE) » Software Project Survival Guide documents » Phases and associated documents (at EPRI corp) » Good misc document templates from dkjest (also includes links to PMBOK PDFs) at Phil Wolff’s site » Many project management examples , checklists , and templates from Washington State Dept of IS » Sample project documents at State of NC office » Sample requirements/analysis document templates at processimpact.com (based on book “Software Requirements” ) * Variety of PM templates : Plans, Schedules, Requirements, QA and others. From O’Reilly authors Stellman and Greene.

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