Tonya Price Consulting Helps Higher Ed Institutions Plan for Cloud-based Implementations

As many of you know Tonya Price Consulting was founded to help Web Project Management teams succeed. This year, we are adding a new consulting service: helping Higher Ed institutions prepare for their upcoming Cloud-based implementations. We work with your team to identify potential departmental conflicts and resolve them before your implementation begins. We warn you about how different strategies can lead to cost overruns potentially saving your institution hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time when budgets are tight.

Many cloud-based implementation companies lack experience working with university and college staff. This leads to stressful projects for staff, budget overruns and disappointment among faculty and students. Flawed, competing systems can cost hundreds of hours of unforeseen maintenance and often disintegrate into a finger pointing battle between frustrated departments.

As a former Director of Web Operations at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a Director of Project Management Office at Suffolk University overseeing a Workday and several other enterprise cloud-based solutions Tonya Price has considerable client experience on how to avoid common implementation pitfalls.

If your university is struggling with a problematic Cloud-based implementation give us a call to talk about how to get your implementation back on track and control costs.

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