Tonya Price Consulting Training Helps Web Project Managers Succeed.

We concentrate on helping you deliver Web projects on time and within budget.

Let's face it - enthusiastic teams are the most creative, the most innovative and the most productive. We help you choose the best Web Project Management process for your projects, the most appropriate Web Project Management tools and teach the Web Project Management skills your Web Project Manager needs to ensure your Web team produces their best work.

You'll love the improvement in the quality of the work your team produces. Your clients will love working with you. And your bottom line will thrive.

Web Training Benefits Everyone on a Web Team. Website Project Management course now offered on ongoing basis. has launched a new and improved classroom experience. Students can register at any time to begin the class. Lessons are divided up into shorter reading sections. The material is the same but students can to at their own pace to finish the course. Speed through or go at a slower pace - you no longer need to stick to the six week format.

In this class you will master the key principles of managing Web projects that will enable to you to deliver Web sites on time and within budget.

This eight-stage approach teaches how to manage your Web project's contributors, quality, costs and schedules. Learn how to assemble and organize teams, develop goals, manage schedules and budgets, overcome pitfalls and maintain, evaluate and evolve a commercial Web presence. These key principles are invaluable in the management of new and redesigned and the maintenance of any size Web project.

Every student finishes the class with a set of templates customized for their Web team's needs.

Applicable Job Roles: web project managers, online managers, web directors, consultants, web designers, and web producers.